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Exam Schedule

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PGY2 Examination

Neuroanatomy Exam
Open September-May

Primary Examination

Primary Examination March 1, 2024
Offered once per year. March 7, 2025

2023 Primary Exam results are available via the NBME services portal.

Oral Examination

Offered twice per year.
2023: Fall, weekend of Nov 10th

2024: Spring, weekend of May 10th

2024: Fall, weekend of October 25th

2025: Spring, weekend of May 2nd

2025: Fall, weekend of November 7th

2026: Spring, weekend of April 25th

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Recognized Focused Practice Examinations

Pediatric Neurosurgery (PNS) May 17, 2024 (AM)
CNS Endovascular surgery (CNS-ES)
May 17, 2024 (PM)
Dec 6, 2024 (PM)
Neurocritical Care (NCC) May 17, 2024 (AM)

Starting in 2022, the Pediatric and Neurocritical Care RFP exams will be offered once a year on the third Friday of May. The CNS Endovascular RFP exam will continue to be offered twice a year; on the third Friday of May and on the first Friday of December.

Our Commitment

The ABNS strives hard to create a level “playing field” for all candidates applying for ABNS certification, as such:

  • The ABNS discourages review of a candidate's actual oral exam cases or slide presentations at any oral board preparation course. Course content and recommendations may not be consistent with the actual ABNS examination.
  • Candidates are encouraged to review their oral board cases and PowerPoint with colleagues, residency or practice mentors to prepare for the oral exam.
  • Guest examiners and directors will not participate in any oral board preparation course for the 12-month period following their participation as an ABNS examiner.