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ABNS Continuous Certification Part III Learning Tool And Modules


Continuous Certification (CC) Requirement Waived for 2023

ABNS is committed to enhancing our Continuous Certification Platform and IT upgrades are underway. Therefore, all CC requirements need to be completed only once for the two-year period (2023-2024) instead of annually for diplomates with time-limited certification. Please reach out to with any questions.

The ABNS currently offers 1 primary adaptive learning tool and 3 related modules annually:

  • Adaptive Learning Tool: General and Emergency Neurological Surgery Core Principles

*Satisfies ACS Level 1 Trauma CME

  • Adaptive Learning Tool Module: Pediatric Neurological Surgery Core Principles
  • Adaptive Learning Tool Module: CNS Endovascular Neurological Surgery Core Principles
  • Adaptive Learning Tool Module: Neurocritical Care Neurological Surgery Core Principles

All of the learning activities above can be taken for credit which will help satisfy ABNS CC requirements for both PART II and III. Basically a TWO FOR ONE!!

The ABNS has a goal of transforming the ABNS learner from a passive receptor of information to a collaborator in the learning process. The primary goal for changing Part III is to provide updated “evidence based” core neurological surgery knowledge in an educationally effective format. The other goal is to augment diplomates’ safe practice of neurological surgery through a tool that involves the learner in an active learning process using a web-based format. The learning tool/modules can be mastered in the comfort of the Diplomates’ home, or office, anytime 24/7, working through the learning activity at their own speed, without pressure. The prior “all or nothing 200+ question exam” is gone! Our goal is engagement, safety and learning.

The learning tool and modules consist of updated knowledge that has evolved since an ABNS diplomate’s last certification and within the last year. The tool and related modules are far shorter, relevant and more focused than the prior CC (formerly MOC) exam.

Questions are offered on evidence-based neurological surgery principles that are important for all ABNS-certified neurological surgeons. Unlike most standard exams, immediate feedback to each question is provided to the diplomate. References with links and articles are provided so the learner can effectively absorb the information and correct the answer, signifying they have mastered the concept. The emphasis is on learning new evidence-based neurological surgery concepts in an educationally robust, stress-free environment.