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ABPNS Recertification

Effective January 1, 2018, the ABPNS rules for recertification have changed. The new process reflects the joint ABNS/ABPNS and FRCS(C)/ABPNS process for recognition of ongoing focused practice in pediatric neurosurgery. This new process applies to all ABPNS diplomates applying for renewal of their ABPNS certification.

  • Diplomates of the ABPNS, whether jointly or independently certified must successfully complete a defined recertification program to maintain their ABPNS diplomate status.
  • Certificates issued are ten year time limited.
  • Diplomates should apply the year prior to the expiration of their certificate. For those who have initiated but not completed the recertification process at the time their certificates expires may be granted a 1 year grace period at the discretion of the Board.
  • ABPNS Diplomates who, prior to January 1, 2017, received separate initial certification from the ABPNS and the ABNS or RCPSC, are eligible to receive a renewal diplomate certification with recognition of focused practice in pediatric neurological surgery (certificates jointly issued by the ABPNS and the ABNS or RCPSC), upon the expiration of either their then-current certificate and the successful completion of a defined recertification program.
  • ABPNS Diplomates who received an initial Certification with recognition of focused practice in pediatric neurological surgery (certificate jointly issued by the ABPNS and the ABNS or RCPSC), are eligible to receive a renewal Diplomate Certification with recognition of a focused practice in pediatric neurological surgery (certificates jointly issued by the ABPNS and the ABNS or RCPSC), upon the expiration of their then-current Certificate and the successful completion of a defined recertification program.
  • If any Diplomate holds a non-time limited Certificate from the ABNS or RCPSC but a time-limited Certificate from the ABPNS, and fails to successfully complete the recertification process with the ABPNS, he or she will, upon expiration of his or her ABPNS Certification, be deemed a Diplomate of the ABNS or RCPSC, but not the ABPNS.
  • Diplomates of the ABPNS who fail to obtain recertification in accordance with the bylaws, rules and regulations will have their names removed from the roster of active diplomates of the Board.
  • Pursuant to the Standards established by the ABNS and the RCPSC, the ABNS or RCPSC Directors shall have the authority to revoke or suspend any certificate issued jointly by the ABNS or RCPSC and the ABPNS, according to the ABNS or RCPSC bylaws, procedures, and policies.

  1. Be currently certified by the ABPNS.
  2. Unencumbered certification by the ABNS or the RCPSC.
  3. Provide a case log for the 12 months preceding application, which demonstrates a minimum of 65 pediatric cases (age 21 and under) and a minimum of 85 total surgical cases. The case log must include all cases from all sites of clinical practice within a 12-month time period and none may be older than 18 months at the time received. “Pediatric-type” cases in adults will no longer be counted toward meeting the pediatric case minimum. The percentage of pediatric cases will no longer be considered when evaluating case logs. For instructions on the completion of the ABPNS recertification case log, please click here.
  4. Documentation of ongoing continuous certification (CC) by the ABNS or RCPS(C) as evidenced by enrollment in and ongoing annual participation. ( This applies to all ABPNS diplomates applying for recertification including those ABNS Diplomates who are non-time limited certificate holders, as well as those certified by the RCPSC. Those who fail to complete the process within the allotted time will no longer be certified by the ABPNS. To register for CC, follow this link:
  5. Subsequent submission of case data selected by the Credentials Committee from the submitted case log (oral or phone format) may be required upon request.
  6. Evidence of an unencumbered state or provincial license to practice medicine evidenced by active participation in ABNS CC, if ABNS certified. Royal College Diplomates must show proof of current medical license.
  7. Evidence of unencumbered staff privileges in each hospital at which the applicant practices at the time of the application for recertification. If ABNS certified, the chief of staff questionnaire will suffice. If a Royal College Diplomate, please submit letter(s) of good standing from medical staff office, Institution.
  8. Payment of all annual assessments, recertification fee (once every ten years) and annual fee required for adaptive learning/CC.
  9. Maintaining ABPNS certification is contingent upon ABNS certification (unless Royal College certified).

  1. Deadlines for submission of application documents are October 1st for review at the winter Board meeting and April 1st for the June meeting. You will be notified shortly thereafter of your eligibility to receive the joint certificate of focused practice in pediatric neurosurgery.
  2. Download and complete an ABPNS Request for Recertification. Using the “Save As” or “Rename” function, please add your last name first initial in front of the file name.
  3. Email the completed application with the requesting supporting documents in PDF format to Kari Bollerman ( No paper hard copies or original documents will be accepted.
  4. Application/recertification fee - $375 USD payable by  by credit card, on the home page of the ABPNS website ( using Amazon.

  1. Applications will be reviewed initially by the Credentials Committee and subsequently by the ABPNS Board of Directors at the Board meetings in June or at the winter meeting of the Pediatric Section in November/December.
  2. After the Board meetings, candidates will be notified of their eligibility for joint recognition of pediatric focus and/or if further review is necessary.
  3. New joint certificates will be mailed to applicants who have completed the process.