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2015 graduates

POST for Initial Certification

Every candidate preparing to take the oral examination must prepare and submit a case log for review.

Effective 9/22/2018: Requirements for the case log submission are detailed below:

  • 125 consecutive cases
  • All cases must have been performed over a period of 18 months or less
  • All cases must have three months follow-up
  • Follow-up may be performed outside the 18-month window
  • “Staged procedures” will count towards the total of 125
  • Complication management or revision (“takeback” surgery) is considered an extension of the original operation and will not be counted towards the 125 total cases
  • Clinical data must be from at least 100 unique patient encounters
  • No case can be older than 24 months from the date of submission
  • Cases during residency or fellowships should not be included
  • If tracking for ABPNS and ABNS dual credential, 95 of the 125 must be cases performed on patients 21 years or younger

Please note: The total number of submitted surgical procedures may exceed 125 cases due to “takeback” surgeries

Once submitted, the data is reviewed by an ABNS director as part of the credentialing process for ABNS initial certification.

To request an account for ABNS initial certification, please fill out the following form:

Include your name, residency program and completion date of residency training. Candidate accounts will only be provisioned to individuals who meet the prerequisites for ABNS certification.

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*Starting in Spring 2018 the ABNS directors, after soliciting advice from several stakeholders, decided to include diagnostic cerebral angiography as a “major” procedure. These will be counted as part of the required major case total for primary certification.

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