2015 graduates

ABNS POST is an integrated IT platform, designed to advance the ABNS’ mission of promoting safe, effective, and appropriate neurosurgical care. POST allows for the submission, analysis and presentation of clinical data from practice, along with other information relevant to ABNS evaluation and certification processes. Those processes include the ABNS Oral examination, MOC, and Focused Practice.

The primary function of POST is to support the ABNS Oral Exam. ABNS Candidates can use POST to collect case data for ABNS review in addition to preparing selected case presentations in Power Point format for the oral exam (thus evolving a previously multi-step process to a consolidated procedure).

Past ABNS clinical data systems (e.g., NeuroLog) primarily utilized text fields which often led to variable data submission and, occasionally, missing data elements. POST’s design allows for the collection of discrete data elements describing patient variables, diagnoses, procedures, clinical decision-making and outcomes. This format allows for more uniform and complete data submission, along with the development of true national benchmarks for performance and experience. These factors will ensure more objective and equitable reviews of presented information, and mitigate the potential that candidates will have to resubmit data due to missing elements.

In addition to discrete data fields, the ABNS has retained several text field options, should ABNS Candidates or other POST users wish to augment the required data with other information relevant to clinical decision making. Note that some text fields are required, and others are optional. In either case, text fields provide candidates and other POST users a forum to provide information they feel would be useful to the review process.

Highlights of POST:

The addition of imaging data is perhaps the most significant enhancement to ABNS case review processes.

Analyses of imaging data are critical to understanding clinical outcomes and decision-making in neurological surgery. As such, review of imaging data has now has become a key component of the new (spring 2017) oral exam format. When imaging is a standard part of the clinical decision-making process, candidates will be required to submit between 1 – 8 case images (pre-, intra and/or post-operative) in POST.

The data submission tool is broken down into 4 main sections:
– Dashboard: Project overview, system updates and links to important supplementary information

  • Case Logs: A listing of all your case logs in the system. If you have only one case log, it opens it.
  • My Practice: Includes individual physician profile and practice details.
  • My Cases: The POST clinical data entry system; allows for adding new case and edit existing ones. This section is being modified to allow for generation of Power Point presentations to support the ABNS Oral exam.