Training Requirements

Additional Training Requirements

All post-graduate training described must be acquired as a resident in a neurological surgery training program or programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). It must be under the ultimate direction and control of the resident’s neurosurgery Program Director.

Training of any type, including research, done in institutions outside of the parent program and its affiliated hospitals will not count toward meeting these requirements unless credit is requested in writing from the Board prospectively by the Program Director and approved in writing. As of July 1, 2013, rotations of 6 to 12 months in other ACGME accredited neurosurgical programs may be granted clinical neurosurgery credit that will count toward the required 54 months; otherwise credit is elective only. The ABNS may also grant elective credit for training in non-ACGME accredited U.S or foreign centers on an individual basis when undertaken with the advice and approval of the Program Director. Approval for training periods of less than three months will not ordinarily be granted since they are of questionable educational value.

Training devoted to neuroscience education, critical care, or other disciplines related to neurosurgery may also be acquired as a full time resident in ACGME accredited training programs (such as general and orthopedic surgery) that are in the same institution as the resident’s neurosurgery program. This training does not need the Board’s approval as long as it remains under the ultimate direction and control of the resident’s neurosurgery Program Director.

Upon petition from a resident’s Program Director, the Board may grant elective credit for training done before entering an accredited neurosurgery program if the resident had substantially more than the prerequisite training in general surgery, neurology, or the basic neurological sciences at acceptable institutions. If the training resulted in a PhD in a neuroscience field, one year of elective credit will be given. Neurosurgery residency training completed abroad, particularly if it concluded with certification in that country, may also merit retroactive elective credit if the ABNS is petitioned by the Program Director. Credit is not automatic. It must be requested by the Program Director and approved in writing by the Board.

Training by preceptorship does not fulfill these requirements. Furthermore, no credit is given for training done by fellows or other individuals not enrolled as residents tracking toward certification in ACGME accredited neurosurgery programs. Resident training cannot be obtained during repeated short intervals in a number of institutions. These provisions in no way alter the basic minimum requirements.