No NeuroLog submissions will be accepted for any candidate after 12/31/17. No new NeuroLog accounts will be setup from this point forward with the exception of 2013 graduates.

Candidates for initial certification must submit a chronological log of 150 consecutive, major, surgical cases for which he or she was the responsible surgeon. Each must have a minimum of three months follow-up. All cases must be within an 18 month time period and none may be older than 24 months at the time received. A list of minor procedures must be included with the application as well. No cases done during residency or subsequent fellowships (even though done outside the fellowship) may be included.

Data is entered through NeuroLog, the ABNS web-based data logging site accessed at the Board’s website In order to receive a password to begin, email the Board at Please be sure to include your name, residency program and completion date of residency training.  The NeuroLog program is based on text boxes to fill with information on each case. Once completed, the data is reviewed by an ABNS Director as part of the credentialing process. The information must be complete enough for the reviewer to understand what was done, why, and the outcome. Approval takes an average of six months.

The essential accuracy of the data is verified by the signature of the Hospital Administrator, or Chief of Staff, or Chairman of surgery or neurosurgery at each hospital on the data. The Board performs hospital audits to confirm accuracy on approximately 5% of submissions. 

NeuroLog User Manual

NeuroLog FAQ

Minor Procedure Case Sample