The ABNS Initial Certification process will undergo significant improvements in the coming months, including the replacement of NeuroLog and the implementation of an online application for oral examination.

With respect to the first item, NeuroLog will soon be replaced with a new data system termed POST (Practice and Outcomes of Surgical Therapies). POST will offer a single system platform that will allow candidates to collect their case data for ABNS review and concurrently prepare the case presentations for the oral exam versus the current multi-step approach. The data collection is more focused, utilizing more categorized data versus the free text of the current NeuroLog system. We believe that this new data submission system will enhance our ability to provide a more thorough and robust review of candidate practice experience.

The following chart describes case submission options for ABNS candidates who completed their training from 2013-2017:

Residency Completion Year Data Submission System
2013 graduates Must complete case submissions in Neurolog by 12/31/17(i.e.: POST is not applicable to this specific group)
2014 graduates

2015 graduates

2016 graduates
Candidates who have already begun their logging their cases in NeuroLog will have the choice to submit their completed case log in that system by 12/31/17 or to enter/re-enter their cases in POST.

Candidates who have not yet begun logging their cases will be required to use POST when it is formally activated-likely by early November 2017.
2017 graduates Must complete case submissions in POST

Please Note: No NeuroLog submissions will be accepted for any candidate after 12/31/17. No new NeuroLog accounts will be setup from this point forward with the exception of 2013 graduates.

Additional information regarding POST will be distributed to candidates this fall. Please check our website for updates and scheduled Webinars to demonstrate the new case submission system. We will also soon forward information regarding the new on-line application submission system.