Revocation of Certification

Pursuant to its Rules and Regulations, the ABNS has the authority to revoke or suspend any Certificate issued by it and thereby revoke Diplomate status. Should the action be disputed, there is a hearing mechanism for adjudication. Reasons for revocation or suspension are as follows:

  1. A Certificate was issued contrary to or in violation of any Rule or Regulation of the Board
  2. The Diplomate to whom the Certificate was issued was not eligible to receive or has become ineligible to hold a Certificate,
  3. The Diplomate made a misstatement of fact to the Board in his or her application or in other material presented to the Board, or violated any pledge made in conjunction with any application,
  4. The Diplomate is convicted of, or pleads guilty or nolo contender to any felony or any crime related to the provision of health care services, or is excluded from participation in any federal health care program,
  5. A license to practice medicine held by the Diplomate is revoked, suspended, placed on probation, or voluntarily relinquished in order to avoid potential sanctions, or restricted in any way,
  6. The Diplomate is expelled from any of the Nominating Societies, a county medical society, or a state medical association for any reason other than nonpayment of dues or lack of meeting attendance, and/or
  7. The Diplomate has engaged in serious professional misconduct or other serious misconduct adversely reflecting on professional competence or integrity.