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Oral Examination Modifications:

Commencing in 2017, the ABNS certifying oral examination will be modified as follows:

1. Session one will test the candidate's knowledge and competency on general neurosurgery.

2. Session two will test the candidate's competency on elements of his/her focused surgical practice. Each candidate will indicate their choice prior to the examination from a list of focused practice selections.

3. Session three will be a case based examination consisting of 5-8 cases selected from the 150 cases submitted during the credentialing process.  Each candidate will provide responses to questions that will generate a presentation using an ABNS slide template that contains the clinical history, physical examination, key imaging, diagnosis and management, surgical coding, early result and follow up. Case evaluations have been an established part of the ABNS certification process for many years.  Submitted case information has been, and will continue to be reviewed by ABNS directors prior to allowing a candidate to sit for the oral examination.  In the past, the candidate was asked questions about these cases, if desired by an ABNS director, with text based responses.  In this new format, this same case material will be available for in-person discussion .