New Deadlines for Submission

New Rules Regarding Deadlines for Submission of Completed Oral Examination Application

  1. Candidates for oral examination who complete their residency on or after June 30, 2017 must submit a completed application (including completed practice data, references and all other application materials required by the Board) no later than December 31st of the calendar year that is three (3) years following the completion of his or her residency training (e.g., a candidate who completed his or her residency training on June 30, 2017 would be required to submit a completed application no later than December 31, 2020).

  2. Extensions at the discretion of the ABNS Executive Director (and for such amount of time as determined by the ABNS Executive Director), and at no cost to the candidate, may be granted for “good cause” such as: military service, post-residency fellowship training, absence from practice for legitimate family or medical leave reasons, solo practice in underserved areas or other legitimate circumstances which make submission of practice data impractical within the three (3) or four (4) year (as applicable) deadline. Any further extensions beyond the initially granted exception would need to be approved by the ABNS Board.

  3. Those who request extensions for “good cause” may need to provide such supporting documentation as the Executive Director may request, which may include required third party attestations.

  4. Candidates who seek extensions without good cause will be granted extensions of up to six months following the original submission deadline at a cost of $1000/month.

  5. Extension requests (whether for good cause or without good cause) should be received by the ABNS at least sixty (60) days prior to the original submission deadline, in order for the requests to be timely considered. Any late requests will require payment of a $5,000 reinstatement fee, and under no circumstances will the ABNS consider or grant extension requests that are received later than three months following the original submission deadline.

  6. Under no circumstances will “without cause” extensions extend longer than six months following the original submission deadline. If a candidate has not submitted his or her completed application within six months past the original submission deadline, the candidate will have timed out and (a) will need to start the process from the beginning; and (b) will no longer be permitted to hold themselves out as board eligible. This does not apply to candidates who are granted “good cause” exceptions of greater than six months, although such “good cause” extensions of greater than six months will be rarely granted.